At CorrelAid e.V., we are not only committed to the idea of using data for good, but also firmly believe in sharing knowledge. This is why “education” has become our legal purpose. We offer a wide range of educational formats for nonprofits and volunteers. In addition, we share our knowledge, code and other material publicly whenever data protection guidelines allow us to do so.

Data hour

Every Thursday afternoon we offer an opportunity for nonprofits to talk about their data challenges of any kind. You have questions and would like to talk to a data analyst? Arrange your 30-minute meeting here.

Learning R - The data course for civic society

Every quarter we kick-off our 12-weeks educational program “Learning R - The data course for civic society” that is funded by the Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt. 25 participants are able to learn how to work with data in the programming language R in a hybrid format with our own in-house learning platfrom with tutorial videos, texts, interactive quiz and exercises and local challenges, aided by tutors from our network. Participation is free of charge. Registration via E-Mail.


Impact measurement

In this course, participants learn how social organizations develop impact chains and impact indicators. During the workshop we will work with illustrative examples, directly transferable instruments, jointly design impact chains and talk about the current state of impact measurement in Germany. Learning objectives:

  • The participants explore their goals and intentions for impact measurement
  • The participants develop their own impact chain
  • The participants select impact indicators

Data strategy

In this course, participants learn how data and technology enable evidence-based and completely new ways of working. We will present case studies from our work, give an introduction to tools that social organizations can use to develop their own data strategy. Learning objectives:

  • Participants have an understanding of the potential of data and data analysis in general.
  • Participants are able to recognize the potential and potential obstacles of data analysis in their organizations.
  • Participants know where to go and how to get help with data for their organization.

Data visualization with Shiny Web Apps (R)

In this course, participants learn how to visualize data in R. We will work with the open source frameworj R Shiny with which we will create interactive visualizations. Learning objectives:

  • Die Teilnehmer:innen understand data projects are conducted
  • Die Teilnehmer:innen can adapt code segments
  • Die Teilnehmer:innen get to know open source frame works for data analysis

Your topic?

We are also happy to come up with individual workshops. Write us an e-mail with your topic of choice and we can schedule a first appointment to figure out the details.



Head of Data Literacy

Nina works as the Head of Data Science Literacy at CorrelAid. After studying Business Analytics in London, she worked for Deloitte as a Future Analytics Leader, as a coach and consultant for data science for good and then as a monitoring assistant at the World Food Programme of the United Nations in Tanzania. She likes to talk to you about impact measurement, monitoring, evaluation and data strategy for the social sector - or new workshop and event concepts for our team and NPOs!

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