Data Science for Good.

We provide an innovative skilled-volunteering solution. Through our decentral network of over 1300 skilled voluntary data scientists we democratize the potential of advanced data analysis and start projects with mission-driven organisations.

Data Science for Tomorrow.

We are training committed data scientists in data privacy, project management and the communication with non-profit organizations. We are a platform to educate and connect the socially dedicated data analysts of tomorrow.

Data Science for Society.

We advocate a broad dialogue about the potential and the limits of data science in civil society. We demonstrate in talks, workshops and conferences how to do good with data. We offer education for NPOs on data strategy, data privacy, data collection and data analysis.

Data hour

Do you work for a NPO? You can discuss all your questions revolving around our work and data with one of our coordinators in our 1:1 data hour. Whether projects, educational sessions, events, data collection, or data analysis: we will see you there!

Gender differences in mobility patterns - an analysis of Madrid


Gender differences in mobility patterns - an analysis of Madrid

Data analysis can be gender biased. This article explores how this applies to mobility. We analyzed open mobility data from Madrid to identify differences in mobility behaviour between men and women.

How to host an online community night


How to host an online community night

As part of our annual meet-up, the CorrelCon, which of course took place online this year, we didn’t want to miss our community night, despite general zoom fatigue. You can read about our experiences and tips for a successful community night in this blog post.

Our first CorrelAidX challenge


Our first CorrelAidX challenge

In August we launched our first CorrelAidX challenge: Over the course of 8 weeks, we called on our local chapters to use regional data, provided by the state statistical offices, from their region and submit creative data projects using the python package developed by Datenguide in collaboration with CorrelAid. Have a look at the amazing outcomes!