Data for Good in Germany – a new chapter

2020: A new chapter for Data for Good in Germany.

2019-12-24 | Johannes

Data for Good in Germany – a new chapter

We have had a fantastic year 2019 – with so many great projects, new local chapters, events, and meet-ups. With an exciting year coming to an end it is time to look ahead.

After years of building the foundation for a data-for-good ecosystem in Germany through building partnerships, networks and projects, it is time to take the idea of using data science and machine learning to serve the civil society to the next level. We are happy to announce that (the philantrophy arm of Google) and the Tides Foundation have decided to grant us 500.000€ to continue and scale our work in Germany for the next two years.

We will focus on three main pillars of CorrelAid’s work:

  1. We will increase our efforts of building a community of data scientists who want to apply their skills for the social good and enhance their data science skills in an open and inclusive environment.
  2. We will increase our outreach efforts in the civil society. We want to spread the word on how we can use data science and machine learning to tackle the societal and environmental challenges we face. We want to take more time to think about how we can make a sustainable and meaningful impact with our work.
  3. Build out our infrastructure to make more workshops and projects happen.

We are aware that this announcement will raise some questions in our community and beyond. Therefore, we want to clarify that the grant does not include any obligations towards Google or relating to our infrastructure, data, strategy or content. We will remain completely independent in achieving the goals mentioned above and all projects, events and workshops will continue to be 100 % CorrelAid. We are very happy to answer any questions you might have on how we want to take this further (e-mail either Johannes ( or Frie ( We will keep you posted.

We from the CorrelAid core-team are so grateful for all the work that you do, for all your enthusiasm and dedication. We are excited to see where we can take this project and what we, together, can achieve in the next years!

We wish you happy holidays and a fantastic start to the new year! Johannes (for the CorrelAid core team)



Johannes hatte 2015 die Idee für CorrelAid und ist seitdem unser Vorstandsvorsitzender. Er studiert im Master ‘Evidence-based Policymaking’ an der University of Oxford und Policy-Analyse an der Universität Konstanz. Er interessiert sich vor allem für Evaluierungsmethoden, die Nutzung von Evidenz und Daten in Gesellschaft und Politik, und Social Entrepreneurship.