Data Science for Good.

We provide an innovative skilled-volunteering solution. Through our decentral network of over 650 skilled voluntary data scientists we democratize the potential of advanced data analysis and start projects with mission-driven organisations.

Data Science for Tomorrow.

We are training committed data scientists in data privacy, project management and the communication with non-profit organizations. We are a platform to educate and connect the socially dedicated data analysts of tomorrow.

Data Science for Society.

We advocate a broad dialogue about the potential and the limits of data science in civil society. We demonstrate in talks, workshops and conferences how to do good with data.

You want to support CorrelAid? You want to change the world togehter with us? Do you believe that Data Science should be available for everyone?

Do you work for a NGO? Do you think we could start a project toghter? Do you don't know how we may help you? You know exactly what you want to analyze?

Three problems of the current hype around *Artificial Intelligence*


Three problems of the current hype around Artificial Intelligence

Why we think that the current usage of the term AI is problematic

Das Meetup in Mannheim


Das Meetup in Mannheim

Eindrücke von unserem jährlichen Get-together

Datendialog 'Migration und Flüchtlinge'


Datendialog ‘Migration und Flüchtlinge’

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