Volunteering at CorrelAid

Our network provides different possibilities to network and get active for Data4Good. Become a part of our community!

1. Help non-profit organizations

At the core of our work are our skilled volunteering projects in which we connect data analysts from our network with non-profit organisations (NPO). In our projects, volunteers have the opportunity to apply their skills to the real problems our partner organisations face. In teams of usually 2-7 people, CorrelAid data scientists help NPOs to gain insight into their own data and leverage the results. Depending on the month, 1-4 projects start per month.

For each project, a call for applications is published via our e-mail newsletter. The application is then open to all data analysts of our network and you can apply for all the projects you find interesting.

If you are in contact with a NPO that holds some fascinating data, without quite knowing how to make use of it, let our project coordination team know by contacting Frie. If you already have experience in doing data science projects and you want to help us to improve our project work, write an e-mail to Johannes.

2. Exchange with others!

Annual Data4Good conference

We meet once or twice a year in a different city in Germany for our Data4Good mini-conference (also known as “the meetup”). Everybody - regardless of experience or background - is very welcome at these meetings. Berlin, Duisburg, Bonn, Hamburg, Mannheim: during workshops, discussions and bar-hopping, you will meet many others interested in the same topics as you. You can read about experiences at past meetups here, here, here and here.

CorrelAidX: Data4Good on the local level

With our program CorrelAidX, we have also established local chapters in several German cities, the Netherlands and Paris. The advantage is that you can start conducting your own workshops, hackathons, projects with local NGOs and to meet on a regular basis. You can find all existing CorrelAidX chapters and points of contact here. If you are interested in starting a local chapter yourself, or if you want to know if there are people around you also interested in starting this, write an e-mail to our Head of Community Management Isabel.

Slack community

Regardless of whether a local chapter is close to you or not, you can always request to join our active Slack community to connect to other like-minded data scientists, find support for your problems in the #help channel and get a more closer insight into the workings of CorrelAid.

3. Educate yourself!

Meetups and Webinars

We regularly organize events for our network - e.g. workshops and talks on technologies like RShiny or an exchange on the latest eRum. One example of these events is the Open Online Date Meetup (#oodm) which takes place once a month. You are guaranteed to receive all updates and news if you subscribe to our newsletter.


Our community is full of creative, intelligent minds at various stages of their career. That’s why we are now bringing beginners and advanced data analysts and data scientists together. You can learn more here!

Blog & Podcast

Besides all these offers there is also our blog. There, we regularly publish our two cents on the State of the Art of Data Science. Another way to learn more about our activities is by listening to our Podcast CorrelTalk you can find new information about our projects and exciting insights into what it means to work as a data scientist.

You are working on an interesting data project and want to share your results with a wider audience? You are part of interesting events and want to share your experience? We’re always happy to feature contributions from the CorrelAid community on our blog. Just write an email to Yannik and he’ll support you in the process.

4. Organize CorrelAid

The core team is a team of ~30 volunteers who keep CorrelAid running. From organizing projects and creating educational content to writing grant applications - there is loads to do. The core team is divided into different subteams: education, project coordination, PR, fundraising and infrastructure. You can read more about the teams in our docs.

We are always happy to see new faces in the core team! If you want to get active in the core team, write an e-mail to info@correlaid.org - either Frie or Isabel will reply you soon afterwards.


Do you want to learn more about how you can get involved at CorrelAid? Or you don’t know yet what’s right for you? You can always arrange an informal meeting with our Community Manager Isabel. She is looking forward to meeting you, sharing more information with you and finding out where your place in CorrelAid can be.


André Lange, Business Manager

What I enjoyed most, was publishing a new version of our dashboard. Usually, this happened on Sunday evenings, after a weekend of programming and implementing new ideas. I've learned a lot from my teammates and our partners at GoVolunteer during the project: Not only did I improve my coding skills in R, but I also learned how to do effective project work in a vivid virtual team.

Winnie Poel, PhD Student

I attended the data journalism workshop at the Meetup in Mannheim. After the workshop I overcame the awe to start my own project and download and experiment with public data sources.