Education and Workshops

Workshops are the key to maintaining and improving the skill set of our data science network. CorrelAid unites analysts and data experts from a variety of different academic and professional backgrounds. This diversity allows us to constantly learn from one another and forms the basis of the “peer learning” approach that is implemented in our workshops.

If you’re interested in joining your local network, you might want to visit our local CorrelAidX chapters.

André Lange, Business Manager

What I enjoyed most, was publishing a new version of our dashboard. Usually, this happened on Sunday evenings, after a weekend of programming and implementing new ideas. I've learned a lot from my teammates and our partners at GoVolunteer during the project: Not only did I improve my coding skills in R, but I also learned how to do effective project work in a vivid virtual team.

Winnie Poel, PhD Student

I attended the data journalism workshop at the Meetup in Mannheim. After the workshop I overcame the awe to start my own project and download and experiment with public data sources.