Data Volunteering

In our volunteering projects, we connect non-profit organisations with a team of volunteer data analysts from our network. Together, we will support NPOs in optimising their processes, discovering new insights and working towards a more efficient allocation of resources. In general, projects run from 2 to 4 months.

When setting up the teams, diversity plays an important role. This allows us to gather all relevant skills required for a project, while at the same time providing a unique and valuable learning opportunity for all people involved in the project.

Anna Saraste, European Youth Parliament

It was a very, very positive experience for us. It was amazing insight that CorrelAid brought and was super practical. On our limited budget, we would never have been able to afford this. I think what the group does is outstanding. There should be more like this.

Claire Samtleben, Diskutier-Mit-Mir

By working with Correlaid we got new perspectives on our project. For the further development of Diskutier-Mit-Mir that was very helpful!

Ivo (Product Manager), ProjectTogether

The cooperation with CorrelAid gave us fascinating insights into what is possible with data analysis.