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While an understanding of digital technologies has developed in the business world over recent years, civil society and nonprofit organizations have been mostly left behind so far. This became clear in the Digital Report 2020: 72% of the 3,400 surveyed organizations have an organizational strategy, but only 38% collect and/or use (external) data for strategy development. Only 30% of organizations have an theory of change, and only 28% actually measure their social impact. There is a lack of financial resources and employees with the skillsets necessary to successfully leverage the new opportunities granted by data and data analytics. Finally, the majority of employees in the social sector rate their skills and knowledge in handling data as too low.

Yet, data and its analysis can be an important enabler of social impact by helping to answer the following questions:

  • What constitutes the challenge that we want to tackle in society?
  • How can we make better decisions?
  • How can we be more efficient and effective?

Through our work, we help people and organizations committed to making the world a better place with exploring these potentials.

Data4Good: Our Projects

Data4Good: Our Projects

We organize pro bono data science projects for nonprofit organizations, enabling civil society to take advantage of the great potential of data and data analytics.



We provide opportunities for staff and volunteers from nonprofit organizations to improve their data skills.



We advocate for the digital needs of civil society and engage in a dialogue about the value and benefits of data and data analytics for the common good.

Data hour

Do you work for a NPO? You can discuss all your questions revolving around our work and data with one of our coordinators in our 1:1 data hour. Whether projects, educational sessions, events, data collection, or data analysis: we will see you there!


In our monthly newsletter for non-profit organizations, we give insights into our work and put the focus on a specific data topic.

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If you’re unsure what CorrelAid can do for you and your organization, Elmo (only available in German) can help: Based on your organization’s data maturity level, our interactive tool will give you recommendations on which of our offerings best fits your situation.

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