Dortmund has, except for football, beer and their own Tatort the only faculty for statistics at a German university and introduced the very first data science study program in Germany.

With this potential, first attempts to start a local chapter were already made in 2017 and in Februrary 2018, the local kick-off event took place. Data enthusiasts from all over NorthRhine-Westphalia gathered spent an afternoon to discuss about data and society, attend workshops and start this local chapter. Over this, we stepped away from focusing only on Dortmund as a local group.

The workshops showed, what is possible in the field of data science, how machine learning can actually be done and implemented in R and how to vizualize your data using Tableau. There were also diverse discussions on different topics, such as encryption and the relationship of data and society. We might soon start a first local project cooperation with the Wissenschaftsladen Dortmund that provides e.g. free internet for refugee homes.



CorrelAidX Ruhrgebiet

Damon, enjoying the last months as a student in the staistics program in Dortmund. I work for CorrelAid since 2015, especially for the Local Chapter Ruhrgebiet. Unbeaten Champion of the CorrelAid Tabletennis championships in 2018.

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