We want to use the potential of data science to help Non-Profit Organisations to increase their impact. In our local volunteer projects we want to bring together Rhein-Main’s Data Scientists with local NPOs. CorrelAid projects are usually run by a small and diverse team of Social Data Scientists who help the NPO to make better evidence-based decisions, understand their target group better, and optimize their processes.

We want to bring the Rhein-Main community of Social Data Scientist together by offering a platform for exchange, workshops and other events.

There are numerous ways to make an impact, e.g.:

  1. as a Social Data Scientist on a project or sharing knowledge in a workshop,
  2. as a member of an NPO that wants to explore how their data can have a bigger impact, or
  3. as an organiser for the local community


CorrelAidX Rhein-Main

I became engaged with CorrelAid in 2017 and really enjoyed working on the GoVolunteer-project in 2018 where we built an R/Shiny Dashboard. I learned a lot during the project both from the others in the team and from GoVolunteer - not just better coding in R, but also how to work more effectively in a virtual team.

[ rhein-main@correlaid.org ]