We are a group of data science enthusiasts from all over the Netherlands, who are in the process of developing CorrelAidxNL, an organisation that has the goal of connecting data scientists with organisations and foundations that advance the Social Good. These data scientists could either be students in a quantitative field that want to apply their skills on real world problems, or professionals who want to do something meaningful outside of their day job. All this happens on a volunteer basis.

CorrelAid X Netherlands is inspired by, and in contact with, CorrelAid which was originally founded in Germany.

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CorrelAidX Niederlande

Joel graduated from his master program in political science at University of Gothenburg in summer 2018. Currently, he lives in Utrecht and started with several other passionate data scientists a local CorrelAid chapter in the Netherlands. We are curious if we can transfer the concept of "data for good" on another cultural context and are excited for the first local beyond Germany.