The local Chapter Mannheim exists since fall 2017. To get our vision of CorrelAid out to the students of Mannheim university, we organized our kick-off event as a panel discussion with Johannes, founder of CorrelAid, Open data expert Oliver Rack, Prof. Thomas Gschwend and Malte Schierholz, both from the Social Science Faculty of the University. Together with 80 interested students, we discussed the emerging relevance of data in society and the possibility for each and everyone to get involved here.

In the following weeks, we held two introductory workshops into R, as well as one to Python to give students an insight onto open source programming languages. We also planned more panel discussions on risks and benefits of open data in the goverment context and worked together with student initiatives to help associations to be better structurally prepared for the digital age. In the long run, we hope to make CorrelAid Mannheim a relevant and important voice in the Rhein-Neckar region.



Konstantin is part of CorrelAid since...forever and works on his PhD at the University of Mannheim. He's fascinated by seemingly unstructured data that still often holds a lot of information to solve problems. The motivation to work for CorrelAid stems from the positive reactions of the project team and the partner organisations.

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