The local chapter in Bremen, which was prompted in context of a Kick-Off meeting in Berlin, was established in the end of 2018. Through people-to-people contact, several interested people from the department of sociology and informatics participated in the first meeting that brought the actual foundation process on its way.

By now, a core team has been developed which regularly meets in the conference room of the University’s General Students Committee (AStA). For the near future we decided to establish new contacts with socially-oriented initiatives in Bremen and „umzu“. Secondly, we would like to create a network for local data analysts. For this purpose we aim to build a strong cooperation with different faculties and departments at the University of Bremen.

Our team appreciates every kind of support. Especially students and staff from the Hochschule Bremen, Jacobs University or the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) are very welcome to participate. If you are interested in implementing your own project, simply sign up for our newsletter (specifying the area your living at would be advantageous). In case you would like to take part in the organizational unit, please send an email to Hendrik.



CorrelAidX Bremen

Hendrik is a student of sociology at the University of Bremen and your contact person in Germany’s High North. He is intrigued by the idea to make the world a little better through data analysis and would like to build a northern Peer-Learning network.

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