How to support CorrelAid?

Our network provides different possibilities to network and get active. Become a part of it!

Help non-profit organizations

The core task of our work is connecting NGOs with our network of data analysts. In teams of 3-7 people, we help NGos to gain insight into their own data and leverage the results. Project announcements are sent out via our distribution list, this is why you should be part of it!

If you are in contact with a NGO that holds some fascinating data, without quite knowing how to make use of it, send an e-mail to Arndt. If you already have experience in Analytics Consulting and you want to help us with our project work, write an e-mail to Johannes.

Exchange and Network

We meet once or twice a year in a different city in Germany and everybody is very welcome to these meetings. Berlin, Duisburg, Bonn: during workshops, discussions and bar-hopping, you will meet many others interested in the same topics as you.

We also try to establish local chapters in cities where the interest in Data-for-Good projects is present. The advantage is that you can start conducting your own workshops, hackathons, projects with local NGOs and to meet on a regular basis. If you are interested in starting a local chapter yourself, or if you want to know if there are people around you also interested in staring this, write an e-mail to Isabel. You can find all current local chapters and points of contact here.

Our network is the perfect place for knowledge exchange. In workshops during our meetups, people share their knowledge and experience and in our #netzwerk-help channel, you have the possibility to ask your questions. We also plan to have a series of webinars in the future and a knowledge database. Whether you want to share your knowledge or you are looking for answers - both is possible in the CorrelAid Network!

Create awareness for Data-for-Good

You are working on an interesting data project and want to share your results with a wider audience? You are part of interesting events and want to share your experience? Write a blogpost about it and contact Lisa!

You have information on hackathons, discussion-roundtables, events, articles, movements trends regarding data and data analysis? Rahel is always happy to get input for the CorrelAid Newsletter!

Organize CorrelAid

CorrelAid works with the help and commitment of 10-15 volunteers. Everyday business and coordination is done via slack and we are always happy to welcome new people! If you want to get active, write an e-mail to Isabel!