Good Causes. Better Effects. Local Implementation.

You want to get to know Data-for-good analysts around you and use data for social good? In this case, you are interested in CorrelAidX!

What you get? We provide you with the digital infrastructure, support and experience and a toolbox to help you run your own CorrelAid Local Chapter in your region. Start your own workshops, data dialogues or local projects with NGOs around you and find fellow data analysts to help you to use data for social good. It doesn’t matter, if you want to start a longterm project or only need help to organize a single event, if you are an expert data analyst or your entire group is new to data analysis. We collected some events that already were held by CorrelAid local groups in different cities:

  1. OpenSpace-Data-Workshop
  2. Data Dialogue
  3. Local projects
  4. Public events